Cannabis is a substance that is notorious for its several health benefits. In the medical field, one of the main uses of cannabis is treating chronic pain. These days, patients are able to tailor their cannabis usage to their specific needs due to the plethora of consumption methods available. Which method is best for you?


Smoking cannabis remains one of the most popular treatment methods. With this method, patients are able to select strains that best compliment their lifestyle and their needs. There are three main strains of cannabis and each of them can be used differently when it comes to dealing with chronic pain. Sativa strains are great for those who prefer to stay energized throughout the day while also receiving the pain relief that cannabis provides. Indica strains are often used to promote sedated feelings. This can lead to muscle relief and reduced difficulty sleeping. Many patients also use hybrids strains that attempt to provide the benefits of both Sativa and Indica strains.


Many patients prefer to use edibles for pain treatment. Edibles are food products that have been infused with cannabis. They can take the form of chewable tablets, pills, liquids, or standard food products. For patients seeking instant pain relief, edibles are likely not the best option. Most users do not report pain relief until at least one hour after initial consumption. However, depending on the potency of the edible, they can actually provide pain relief throughout the day. This makes edibles a great choice for those dealing with constant chronic pain.


For those looking to receive fast-acting pain relief, cannabis tincture treatment is a very promising option. Tinctures are ethanol alcohol-based cannabis extracts. Patients are able to simply place droplets of the solution under their tongue. From there, the body quickly absorbs the solution and the fast-acting pain relief begins. While the effects are not very long lasting, tinctures are very easy to dose and use throughout the day.


Cannabis topicals are a fantastic choice for those looking to receive pain relief without the typical cerebral effects of cannabis consumption. These lotions or balms provide localized therapeutic benefits to the area of application. Patients commonly use topicals for localized intense pain relief and inflammation. If non psychoactive treatment appeals to you, be sure to contact Dr. Weng for his line of full spectrum CBD products.

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