1.Spend more time with foreplay.  Don’t rush! Remember foreplay starts even before you get to the bedroom with compliments and light touching earlier in the day.  Your female partner has to feel completely relaxed and only then will she get turned on.

2.Kiss her before, during and after sex.  Kissing enhances the intimacy and desire for one another.

3.Look into her eyes when being intimate.  Let her know that you are only thinking about her! This will foster greater bonding.


4.Communicate both verbally AND non-verbally that you are enjoying how she is making you feel.  E.g moaning is a way to express and validate whatever your partner is doing is making you feel good. Without this your partner may not be aware and may think she isn’t satisfying you.


5.Give her an orgasm first! Women usually take a longer time to climax (thus #1) and if the man has an orgasm first there is a good chance that the sexual encounter may be over. Therefore, allow her to climax first.  This most likely will require clitoral stimulation.  If she does not climax there is a good chance she may not be completely satisfied.


6.Take control in the bedroom. Guide her into positions and don’t ask at every turn if this is something she wants.  Oftentimes she simply wants to be told what to do and if she doesn’t she will let you.

7.Hold her firmly.  Let her know she is in the arms of a man! This is different from being rough and aggressive.  This lets her feel safe and desired at the same time.


8.Keep it spicey.  Role play,  try new positions,introduce sex games and toys. Get away, get a new venue-hotel for 1 or 2 nights.


                       Remember, you are simply having fun so move about with ease and enjoy one another.

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