Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture 1500mg + THC-Free Cooling Balm Bundle




Dr. Weng’s Full Spectrum CBD 1500mg Oil Tincture plus THC-Free Cooling Balm 500mg


1500mg Hemp Derived CBD Oil Tincture

We know that some CBD products work well for some patients, but not others.  This may be due to the genetics of the plant as well as the extraction process. This process is crucial in maintaining as many terpenes and cannabinoids as possible when opening the plant cell wall.  And so we’ve added a brand new CBD line with a different composition of terpenes and other ant-inflammatories compounds.

Dr. Weng’s new CBD line comes in both a 600 and 1500mg 1 oz bottle.   This line is produced via a low temperature cryopress that allows important terpenes, cannabinoids and omega 3 fatty acids to remain intact and not be evaporated off during the extraction process


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