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Weight Loss services offered in Towson, MD
More than 42% of American adults are considered overweight or obese.  This trend is the number 1 cause of an ever growing population of folks with Type 2 Diabetes.  If you’re interested in a medically supervised weight loss program then we are here to help. At the offices of Dr. Weng in Towson, we offer a variety of services and products including injectables for weight loss such B12, Lipo-mino mix etc. We also offer Semaglutide, which has become known as the "Weight loss made easy program with Semaglutide" or the so called "game changer".
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Weight Loss Q & A

What is medically supervised weight loss?

Medically supervised weight loss is a custom treatment program designed to help you shed excess pounds. If you’re overweight and have tried several of the many fad diets exercise routines that are out there without results, consider teaming up with Dr. Weng.

Losing even a small amount of weight can improve your health. When you maintain a healthy weight, you’re much less likely to experience heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and even certain cancers.

What does medically supervised weight loss involve?

Dr. Weng’s medically supervised weight loss program involves several aspects, including:

Nutritional counseling

The meals and snacks that you eat directly affect your health and energy levels. If you want to lose fat and keep it off, you must eat a nutritious and balanced diet. Dr. Weng’s nutritional recommendations will be appropriate for your age, activity level, and health history.  He is a big fan of intermittent fasting to assist you in your weight loss goals.

Exercise guidance

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must stay physically active. Even if you aren’t a fan of the gym, there are plenty of low-impact activities that can help you burn calories, including walking, biking, and swimming. Dr. Weng’s recommendations will be appropriate to your fitness level.



You have tried everything. You have experimented with every diet from Atkins to keto, you've even gotten a personal trainer to lose those inches and, still, you are unable to lose weight. If that is the case, it may be time to try something different.  Whether that Semaglutide or lipotropic injections or both. Due to higher levels of concentration in the blood stream injections are a great way to help you lose weight, and are available at Dr Weng's Advanced Medicine's weight loss clinic . To learn more, give us a call at 410-339-3850.

WHAT is Semaglutied: Semaglutide, Ozempic, Wegovy

Semaglutide has been used for over 5 years (2017) in the treatment of type 2 Diabetes.  It is one of a class of medications called Glucagon like peptide agonists or GLP agonists.  This hormone is made in the intestinal cells (small intestine) and helps regulate insulin and glucose as well as slow digestion and turn off your hunger center in your brain.  After seeing Diabetic patients lose significant weight on this medication further studies were done which showed up to 18% loss of body weight.  Most weight loss drugs rarely get up to 10% and are more likely to be in the range between 5 and 7%. The American Academy of Family Physicians has touted Semaglutide as being the most impressive weight loss medication in decades!

HOW: Semaglutide delays gastric emptying.  Food stays in your stomach for a longer period of time. Hunger hormones, along with urges and cravings are decreased as the brain receives signals that there is already food in the stomach. As a result the individual does not even think about food.  So Semaglutide makes the body and the brain believe it just received food.   

Who: In 2021 Semaglutide was FDA approved for anyone with a BMI >30 or >27 with a least 1 comorbid condition such as hypertension, pre-diabetes, heart disease etc.  People who have certain conditions such as Pancreatitis, active gallbladder issues, retinopathy (eye vessel disease) or other rare endocrine conditions (see packet insert) may not be a candidate.


Benefits and why you should consider Semaglutide

 Reduces cravings at a greater level than typical weight loss drugs

 Given weekly-Injections.  Allows for a slow and continual release preventing breakthrough cravings  

 Less night time snacking compared to pills which often wear off by late night. A big reason why people don’t lose weight

 Flexible indications: if you just need to lose that last 10-15 lbs or lose weight for an upcoming event in 2 or 3 months

 No daily pills.  People are less likely to forget their weekly injection and therefore stay on track to reach your goals.

Results are more predictable than weight loss pills that are broken down by the liver (1st pass metabolism).

No effects on blood pressure ( many weight loss pills raise bp)So if you have hypertension you can take this medication

No insomnia

No agitation or worsening hyperactivity

When combined with motivation and interest on your part along with a Physician assisted strategy, Semaglutide allows you to lose the weight you want.


Lipotropic injections are a set of injections that work to boost your metabolism and help your body burn fat quicker and more efficiently. These injections can provide both immediate and long-term results, helping you to lose weight and fat, and keep it off.  At Dr. Weng weight loss clinic, we offer the Lipo-Mino lipotropic injections.


The Lipo-Mino injection is the name of the lipotropic injection offered at Dr. Weng's weight loss in Towson, MD. The Lipo-Mino offers a combination of ingredients that work together to help speed up your metabolism, increase your energy level, and more effectively burn fat and turn it into energy.



The Lipo-Mino injection consists of a variety of different ingredients, scientifically formulated to get results. Below are the ingredients that make up the Lipo-Mino injection.


Vitamin B6, also known as Pyridoxine, converts food into energy and also helps to stimulate red blood cell production.


Methionine is an essential amino acid that works to prevent fat accumulation in the liver and keeps your metabolism level high. The amino acid also helps break down sugar and carbs in the body, converting them to energy,


Inositol is a nutrient that regulates the levels of insulin and serotonin in the body. Inositol also helps to metabolize fat and lower cholesterol levels. Inositol can also help stabilize your mood and manage your appetite.


Choline is a substance that actively detoxifies your body, getting rid of harmful chemicals. It also assists with liver functioning by helping remove fat and bile.


Vitamin B12 is associated with both mood and energy, giving you an energy boost and helping you feel good! B12 also metabolizes fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.


Carnitine is a protein building block, helping your body metabolize fat as fuel.


Vitamin B1 boosts your immune system, helping to fight off diseases and ailments. B1 also helps metabolize fats and carbohydrates.


Vitamin B2 provides a metabolism boost and supports your immune system.


Valine is an appetite suppressant.


If you are ready to transform your body and start losing weight, visit Dr. Wengs weight loss clinic in Towson today.  We offer Semaglutide as well a Lipo-Mino lipotropic injections that speed up your metabolism and help your body burn fat. If you are interested in learning more about Semaglutide or lipotropic injections or want to schedule a consultation call us at 410-339-3850 or schedule an appointment online.



Prescription medicine

In some cases, diet and exercise aren’t enough to achieve noticeable weight loss. If you struggle to reach your goals, Dr. Weng could recommend prescription medicine. There are drugs that speed up your metabolism and others that suppress your appetite.  There are many prescription medications that can be very effective for weight loss.

When will I see the results of medical weight loss?

The time it takes for you to see results of medical weight loss will depend on many things, including your commitment to the treatment plan and how closely you follow your provider’s instructions.

Most people experience a reduction in their overall weight within 2-3 months, but it can take longer. To ensure that the process goes smoothly, attend your checkups and closely follow your diet and exercise plans.

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