Patients Reviews

Dr. Weng was fantastic! He was interested in me as a patient and person, which was a pleasant surprise from a medical professional. I'm looking forward to continuing my journey on the road to better health with a practice that truly cares.

Brian Robinson

I have the utmost respect and faith in Dr. Weng. He's extremely knowledgeable and a very good listener. I would recommend him to everyone, regardless of age or medical history. He is really dedicated and has helped me tremendously. He is a gifted healer and an effective communicator.

Elainemichele Cicilian

When I heard about Dr. Wang’s I was still skeptical, my daughter with downs had a lot of anxiety, depression, and acting out at 22. After being on CBD and CBN at night I could see my happy kid again. I even felt better Physically and mentally. Thank you Dr. Weng you don’t know what you have done for Carly and our family

Dawn Schulten

My first encounter with Dr.Weng was quite informative as well as comforting. He listens as well as understanding my needs to live a life free of pain. This office offers a few products that I must say, work well. Their staff are very well versed and greet everyone with the best care like a regular doctor's office. I recommend this doctor to all my friends.

Dan Rivera

This doctor prescribed medical cannabis for history of bulimia and difficulty eating and had the nerve to send me an email promoting significant weight loss. When I called the office to make a complaint, they had the doctor call me back, and he refused to acknowledge that he was wrong. He said because this went out to 9000 people that it’s not his fault. he could have triggered my eating disorder but luckily I’m recovered. What a sick and negligent thing to do.

Anonymous | Aug 08, 2022

Very informative and helpful.

Mary T. | Jul 31, 2022

Dr. Weng gave me thorough, concerned, reassuring, and comforting attention to my issues at my last visit. He prescribed the medications, tests and follow-up procedures for me to follow in detail. I left the office assured that I would soon be relieved of my myriad physical, mental, and emotional issues and concerns. Thank you, (as always) Dr. Weng!

Claudia F. | Mar 11, 2022

Able to have useful discussions and receive helpful advice for long-term care.

Henry C. | Feb 03, 2022

Very friendly,professional and very knowledgeable.

Carly M. | Jan 30, 2022

Be sure you can be certified before you pay $100.00 because if your certification doesn’t go through they keep your money

Anonymous | Jan 09, 2021

Awesome!! Very knowledgeable..

Kim | Dec 06, 2019

Dr. Weng is the most amazing physician I have met in a long time. He is warm, welcoming, kind, caring and compassionate. I am an older patient in my 70's and unsure about the uses of medical cannabis. Dr. Weng made sure I was comfortable and explained the different uses of cannabis oil. I didn't realize I could take pills, use ointment, tincture or vape. The ointment is a small windup tube. Works great if you can reach the painful area. Tincture goes under your tongue. Only take a few drops and gives almost immediate relief. I felt it was AMAZING for pain relief. I cried the first time I used it because I never before was free from pain. BUT I HATE the taste. Vape is like smoking but there is no smoking smell. There is a kit with a silver pen, an oil CBD cartridge that screws to the pen... you will be shown how to use it. I have been in crippling pain for years. I thought about Medical Cannabis all of those years. I wish I had made this decision long ago. Thank you Dr. Weng.

Anonymous | May 13, 2019