Cannabis is a powerful tool for almost every patient population. The benefits of cannabis are particularly profound for seniors. While many elders grew up when marijuana was illegal and stigmatized in the United States, today those same people are some of the ones who benefit the most from this remarkable plant. 

Cannabis Is Safe

Many elders rely on prescription medications to lessen pain, but they come with a wide range of undesirable side effects. While plenty of people die every year from prescription medication overdoses or side effects, cannabis is a safe and healthy alternative. The benefits of cannabis for seniors are varied, but their safety is at the top of the list.

Furthermore, cannabis can also reduce the need for many prescription medications. Unfortunately, many elders take so many medications that the first pill leads to side effects that the second pill is required to fix. The benefits of cannabis include healing properties that can positively affect inflammation, high blood pressure, digestive issues, chronic pain, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, cognitive awareness and more.

Cannabis Does Not Mean You Will Feel “High”

Some elders would happily embrace cannabis if it could be taken “without the high.” However, it can! Numerous strains have all of the medical benefits of cannabis, CBD and terpenes without the feeling of intoxication. If you know a senior who could benefit from marijuana but who is skeptical about how it will make them feel, you can always come in for an appointment with Dr. Weng. Our practice has a great deal of experience in guiding patients to strains that will help with their specific issues and address their concerns.

Cannabis Helps with Numerous Medical Issues

Ointments and tinctures made with cannabis have been proven to help alleviate neuropathy and arthritis pain. Marijuana is also known to increase the appetite, which can help with seniors who are losing weight due to a decrease in appetite, side effects from other medications or cancer treatment. In terms of painkilling power, cannabis can soothe pain without the dangerous side effects of opioids.

Learn More About the Benefits of Cannabis from Dr. Weng

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